Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Attention everybody

I will be writing for Flyers Faithful from now on. Marcello D has given me the great opportunity to help run things over there. Please keep following me as I hope to continue the game previews, weekly rankings, and all the pages you can't find anywhere else. Also, please check out the things I already do over there (game recaps and Atlantic Watch) along with everything else Flyers Faithful has to offer.

This was a nice short run, but this move will benefit everybody (especially you the followers).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Look At Florida

Game 69: Philadelphia Flyers @ Florida Panthers, 7:30pm, CSN

Flyers' Records
Overall Record: 42-19-7
Away Record: 21-9-3
Record vs. Panthers: 2-1-0
Away Record vs. Panthers: 1-0-0

Panthers' Records
Overall Record: 28-32-9
Home Record: 14-14-7
Record vs. Philly: 1-2-0
Home Record vs. Philly: 0-1-0

The Numbers
Flyers' Winning % vs. Panthers: 66.7%, 2-1-0 (16th)
Flyers' Point % vs. Panthers: 66.7%, 4/6 pts (18th)
Losing % vs. Panthers: 33.3%, 1/3 games (14th)
Flyers' Goals/Game vs. Panthers: 3.00, 9 goals/ 3 games (16th)
Panthers' Goals/Game vs. Flyers: 3.00, 9 goals/ 3 games (8th)
Flyers' Shots/Game vs. Panthers: 34.33, 103 shots/ 3 games (11th)
Panthers' Shots/Game vs. Flyers: 35, 105 shots/ 3 games (4th)
Flyers' Powerplay % vs. Panthers: 22.2%, 2/9 (8th)
Panthers' Powerplay % vs. Flyers: 11.1%, 1/9 (19th)
Flyers' Penalty Kill % vs. Panthers: 88.9%, 8/9 (11th)
Panthers' Penalty Kill % vs. Flyers: 77.8%, 7/9 (21st)

Former Flyers On Florida Panthers

Former Panthers on Philadelphia Flyers
#24 Nick Boynton

Current Season With Philly: 2 games, 0 goals, and 0 assists.
Career With Florida: 1 season (2008-2009), 68 games, 5 goals, and 16 assists.

The Games 
Flyers' 5-2 win in Philly on 11/13/10

Panthers' 5-0 win in Philly on 12/20/10

Flyers' 4-2 win in Florida on 2/16/11

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Power Rankings: 3/4-3/10

Here are this week's power rankings
  1. Vancouver Canucks (8 points, 4-0-0, +6)
  2. Washington Capitals (6 points, 3-0-0, +6)
  3. Buffalo Sabres (6 points, 3-1-0, +2)
  4. St. Louis Blues (6 points, 3-1-0, +1)
  5. Calgary Flames (6 points, 3-1-0, -1)
  6. Dallas Stars (6 points, 2-0-2, +1)
  7. New York Islanders (5 points, 2-0-1, +4)
  8. Phoenix Coyotes (5 points, 2-0-1, +2)
  9. Pittsburgh Penguins (5 points, 2-0-1, +2)
  10. Chicago Blackhawks (5 points, 2-1-1, +4)
  11. Atlanta Thrashers (4 points, 2-0-0, +2)
  12. New York Rangers (4 points, 2-1-0, +7)
  13. Montreal Canadiens (4 points, 2-1-0, +2)
  14. Anaheim Ducks (4 points, 2-1-0, +1)
  15. New Jersey Devils (4 points, 2-1-0, Even)
  16. Ottawa Senators (4 points, 2-1-0, -1)
  17. Philadelphia Flyers (4 points, 2-2-0, -5)
  18. Florida Panthers (4 points, 1-1-2, -2)
  19. Nashville Predators (3 points, 1-1-1, +2)
  20. San Jose Sharks (3 points, 1-1-1, Even)
  21. Los Angeles Kings (3 points, 1-1-1, -2)
  22. Tampa Bay Lightning (3 points, 1-1-1, -2)
  23. Minnesota Wild (3 points, 1-1-1, -2)
  24. Edmonton Oilers (2 points, 1-2-0, -4)
  25. Columbus Blue Jackets (2 points, 0-1-2, -2)
  26. Boston Bruins (2 points, 0-1-2, -5)
  27. Detroit Red Wings (1 point, 0-1-1, -1)
  28. Carolina Hurricanes (1 point, 0-1-1, -4)
  29. Toronto Maple Leafs (1 point, 0-2-1, -4)
  30. Colorado Avalanche (0 points, 0-2-0, -7)
Unbeaten Teams
1. Vancouver Canucks (4-0-0)
2. Washington Capitals (3-0-0)
3. Atlanta Thrashers (2-0-0)

Teams That Didn't Lose In Regulation
1. Dallas Stars (2-0-2)
2. New York Islanders (2-0-1)
3. Phoenix Coyotes (2-0-1)
4. Pittsburgh Penguins (2-0-1)

Winless Teams
1. Columbus Blue Jackets (0-1-2)
2. Boston Bruins (0-1-2)
3. Detroit Red Wings (0-1-1)
4. Carolina Hurricanes (0-1-1)
5. Toronto Maple Leafs (0-2-1)
6. Colorado Avalanche (0-2-0)

Flyers Look Better, Win Second Straight Over Leafs

Although it took another major penalty and a soft goal, the Flyers were able to beat a point-hungry Toronto team tonight 3-2. Claude Giroux netted the winner while Brian Boucher saved 27 of 29 to give the Flyers back-to-back wins. Tonight's win leaves the possibility for a 4-game winning streak as the next two opponents are the Thrashers and Panthers.

Daniel Carcillo left his mark on the game 4 minutes in when he slightly (very, very slightly) over exaggerated a check from behind by Mike Komisarek. The play led to Philly's 2nd five minute powerplay opportunity in 2 games. Similar to their game on Tuesday, the orange and black opened the scoring with a goal on the PP chance.

An Andrej Meszaros blast from the point gave the Flyers their lone goal on the five minute man advantage. Good goaltending from James Reimer kept the Flyers from cashing in more goals on the chance and great goaltending from Boucher for the remainder of the period kept the score 1-0 Flyers.

After Reimer kept Philly off the scoreboard for the first half of the middle stanza, a bad angle shot from Darroll Powe gave the Flyers a 2-0 lead.

Mikhail Grabovski used his face to net a goal for Toronto cutting the lead to 2-1. Minutes later, Giroux put home the game-winner from the slot on a JVR rebound making the score 3-1. Thanks to a great individual effort by Mike Brown, Joffrey Lupul was the only player to score in the final period. Unable to register a second goal in the last period, the Maple Leafs fell to Philly 3-2.

Not playing the toughest opponent, the Flyers did play better tonight than they did Tuesday against the Oilers. The 1st period wasn't as dominating as Tuesday's, but a much better performance in the 2nd and 3rd periods helped the Flyers gain these 2 points.

Carcillo's presence on the ice and the bench shows through in the club's record with him in the lineup. When he suits, the Flyers are 31-8-3; when he's not, he's 11-11-3. He drew a penalty that not only took Komisarek out of the game, but allowed the Flyers to take an early lead.

Boucher didn't have any amazing saves, but his ability to hold off the surging Leafs in the 1st and later in the 3rd allowed the orange and black to walk out of Toronto with a W.

Thrashers on Saturday, Panthers on Tuesday, and the Thrashers again on Thursday. If the Flyers continue to progress on tonight's game, they could find themselves in the midst of a 5 game winning streak.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Look At Toronto

Game 67: Philadelphia Flyers @ Toronto Maple Leafs, 7:00 pm, CSN

Flyers' Records
Overall Record: 41-19-6
Away Record: 20-9-3
Record vs. Maple Leafs: 2-1-0
Away Record vs. Maple Leafs: 1-0-0

Maple Leafs' Records
Overall Record: 29-28-10
Home Record: 15-12-7
Record vs. Flyers: 1-2-0
Home Record vs. Flyers: 0-1-0

The Numbers 
Winning % vs. Toronto: .667, 2-1-0 (18th)
Point % vs. Toronto: .667, 4/6 pts (19th)
Losing % vs. Toronto: .333, 1/3 games (15th)
Goals/ Game vs. Toronto: 3.67, 11 goals/ 3 games (11th)
Goals Against/ Game vs. Toronto: 2.00, 6 goals/ 3 games (16th)
Shots/ Game vs. Toronto: 32.67, 98 shots/ 3 games (15th)
Shots Against/ Games vs. Toronto: 26.33, 79 shots/ 3 games (23rd)
Powerplay % vs. Toronto: 15.4%, 2/13 in 3 games (13th)
Toronto Powerplay % vs. Philly: 0%, 0/15 in 3 games (28th)
Penalty Kill % vs. Toronto: 100%, 15/15 in 3 games (2nd)
Toronto Penalty Kill % vs. Philly: 84.6%, 11/13 in 3 games (17th)

Former Flyers on Maple Leafs
#19 Joffrey Lupul

Season Against Philly: 2 games, 0 goals, and 0 assists.
Current Season With Toronto: 13 games, 3 goals, and 3 assists (26 games, 5 goals, and 8 assists for Ducks)
Career With Philly: 2 seasons (2007-2008 and 2008-2009), 158 games, 50 goals, and 58 assists.

Former Maple Leafs on Flyers
#10 Kris Versteeg

Season Against Toronto: 1 game, 2 goals, and 0 assists.
Current Season With Philly: 11 games, 4 goals, and 1 assist (53 games, 14 goals, and 21 assists for Toronto)
Career With Toronto: 1 season (2010-2011), 53 games, 14 goals, and 21 assists.

The Games
Flyers' 5-2 win at home on 10/23/10

Flyers' 4-1 win in Toronto on 12/9/10

Maple Leafs' 3-2 win in Philly last Thursday

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carter Cleans Up Oil Spill

After being the laughingstock of the league for a few days, the Flyers started to turn it around tonight beating a lowly Oilers team 4-1. Two goals from Jeff Carter, one from Danny Briere, and an empty netter by Blair Betts, Philly killed their 4 game losing streak.

Bob wasn't called on a lot this evening, but he did what he had to do. Making 24 of 25 possible saves, the one non-save being a pretty nice tip-in by Jean-Francois Jacques, Bob's work tonight didn't require much athleticism, but he didn't give up any soft goals. Once again, surprise, no shutout (not a problem if he keeps winning).

It's nice to see a win once again, but there were several things that need to improve for next game.

The first period was great, but capitalizing on a 5 minute powerplay is crucial. It's true the Flyers did get one goal out of it, but being handed a 5 minute powerplay early in the game when you already have a goal lead against a team like the Oilers (and with the way your team has been playing recently) more production should have come from such a gigantic opportunity.

Another problem was, yet again, allowing the opposition to get right back in the game. After Carter netted his second in the second to put the Flyers up by 3 that should have been game. Unfortunately, not so, as Jacques scored the Oil's lone goal 55 seconds later. It didn't matter and the Flyers still won, but it will eventually catch up to us. Hopefully we learn that lesson sooner than later.

For the positives, the Flyers came out hungry just like they should have. Any team, regardless of their positioning in the standings, needs to wake up and feel urgency at one time or another. This isn't exactly the point in the season when a team wants to feel as though they aren't playing their best hockey, but it's better now than the middle of April.

The losing streak is over, but the bad play is far from done. Yes, a win is a win. However, there is a difference between beating the Oilers 4-1 in your building with a 5 minute powerplay and beating a team actually in the playoff hunt.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flyers Sign Kinky Zolnierczyk

The Flyers have agreed to an entry-level contract with the Ivy League's player of the year Harry Zolnierczyk. Registering 16 goals for Brown University this past season as a forward, Zolnierczyk had 31 points and 128 penalty minutes for the Bears this season. In 114 games at Brown, Zolnierczyk had 30 goals, 39 assists, and 238 penalty minutes.

Before playing for Brown, Zolnierczyk played for the Alberni Valley Bulldogs of the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL). In the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 seasons with the Bulldogs, he played in 100 games registering 29 goals and 31 assists.

Aside from the numbers, it's important to point out one major thing Zolnierczyk has done in his life: distributed porn. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer (relayed from the Brown Daily Herald), Zolnierczyk was sentenced to three years of probation and a conditional discharge (in June of 2008) for his part in the production and distribution of a pornographic video involving his Alberni Valley teammate Bradley Harding and Harding's girlfriend, who at the time was an underage girl.

According to, Harding videotaped himself having sex with his girlfriend in his bedroom with a webcam. With Harding's girlfriend unaware of the video ever being made, the webcam broad casted the video of the sexual encounter to Zolnierczyk's computer. The video had been played for various members of the Bulldogs' hockey team, but that was all, apparently, Harding's doing. Zolnierczyk got in trouble when both him and Harding were stranded at the home of three women in Nanaimo due to a windstorm in December of 2006. It was then when Zolnierczyk signed on to his PhotoBucket account and showed the video to the three women, who turned out to be friends of the victim.

Zolnierczyk was arrested on Valentine's Day in 2007 and interviewed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Zolnierczyk denied the existence of the video. On April 5, evidence claimed Zolnierczyk was lying as investigators uncovered an item called "Harding's Porn Shoot -- Take 1003" on Harding's computer. Zolnierczyk was charged with the aforementioned crime in July of 2007.

I understand we (including myself at the moment) are all young and stupid at one time. However, these actions, if they indeed did happen, are disgraceful. I hope Zolnierczyk has changed his ways especially if he is going to represent the Flyers' organization.   
                                                                Bradley Harding