Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carter Cleans Up Oil Spill

After being the laughingstock of the league for a few days, the Flyers started to turn it around tonight beating a lowly Oilers team 4-1. Two goals from Jeff Carter, one from Danny Briere, and an empty netter by Blair Betts, Philly killed their 4 game losing streak.

Bob wasn't called on a lot this evening, but he did what he had to do. Making 24 of 25 possible saves, the one non-save being a pretty nice tip-in by Jean-Francois Jacques, Bob's work tonight didn't require much athleticism, but he didn't give up any soft goals. Once again, surprise, no shutout (not a problem if he keeps winning).

It's nice to see a win once again, but there were several things that need to improve for next game.

The first period was great, but capitalizing on a 5 minute powerplay is crucial. It's true the Flyers did get one goal out of it, but being handed a 5 minute powerplay early in the game when you already have a goal lead against a team like the Oilers (and with the way your team has been playing recently) more production should have come from such a gigantic opportunity.

Another problem was, yet again, allowing the opposition to get right back in the game. After Carter netted his second in the second to put the Flyers up by 3 that should have been game. Unfortunately, not so, as Jacques scored the Oil's lone goal 55 seconds later. It didn't matter and the Flyers still won, but it will eventually catch up to us. Hopefully we learn that lesson sooner than later.

For the positives, the Flyers came out hungry just like they should have. Any team, regardless of their positioning in the standings, needs to wake up and feel urgency at one time or another. This isn't exactly the point in the season when a team wants to feel as though they aren't playing their best hockey, but it's better now than the middle of April.

The losing streak is over, but the bad play is far from done. Yes, a win is a win. However, there is a difference between beating the Oilers 4-1 in your building with a 5 minute powerplay and beating a team actually in the playoff hunt.


  1. The Flyers need to get the powerplay working before the playoffs start. If they don't other teams will likely take more penalties when they are in trouble and expect to kill off the powerplay. Thanks for the good insights Craig. I always enjoy your perspective. Keep up the good work.