Thursday, January 27, 2011

Timonen One Away From One Hundred

         Kimmo Timonen is currently the 2nd most valuable defenseman on the Flyers roster. He'd most likely be the number one guy for about 25 other teams out there, but since Chris Pronger is on the same team number 2 isn't all that bad. Not to mention Timonen was definitely the number one guy for the Flyers in 2008-2009 and arguably the number one guy in 2007-2008. Being sound defensively, setting up teammates for offensive chances, and being a great skater, the one thing that keeps Timonen under the radar to most teams' fans is his lack of scoring. That being said, it's time to point out a career milestone Timonen is approaching.

        The most goals Timonen has scored for the Flyers in a season is 8 (2007-2008). The most he's scored in a season is 13, something he did for the Nashville Predators twice (2001-2002 and 2006-2007). After putting his team up by two nearing the end of the first period Tuesday, Timonen celebrated his 3rd goal on the season. A modest amount for a puck moving defense man who plays 22 minutes a game. What many don't know is the goal was Timonen's 99th career goal. Being it is his 12th season in the NHL, the feat isn't all that impressive. However, I love Timonen and feel as though he should be praised every chance possible.

        Since there aren't all that many chances to stand up and cheer Kimmo Timonen, I hope everybody whose in attendance (if it is a home game) does so when Timonen breaks the triple digit barrier. A very underrated player league wide, Timonen is a greatly appreciated by the Flyers' faithful. Here's an opportunity to reassure him of that.

Some of the beautiful work done by Kimmo Timonen.


  1. what a motherfucking pass on that lighting game

    like seriously, holy shit

    holy... fucking... shit

  2. I have always loved Kimmo's style of play. He is deceptively fast and fluent as a skater. He sees the ice very well. He never seems to panic with the puck. He anticipates the other teams plays and disrupts many odd-man rushes. Offensively he has soft hands and makes accurate passes to keep his teammates in stride. If he were more selfish, he would certainly passed the 100 goal mark many games before this time.

  3. I agree. If he were more selfish and offensive oriented he'd have more goals but would also have a negative impact on this team.