Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ben Eager Hates The Flyers

          Okay, Ben Eager hasn't been on the Flyers since the middle of the 2007-2008 season and the Flyers haven't played a game against him at all this year. However, Eager was just traded to the San Jose Sharks (for a 5th round draft pick) so there is some reasoning behind this rant. My personal belief is Ben Eager hates the Flyers. I know, out of left field but hear me out.
          Eager left the Flyers via trade; he went to Chicago in exchange for Jim Vandermeer on December 18, 2007. While on the Flyers, Eager amassed 9 goals and 10 assists while playing in 113 games. He didn't have any points in the 23 games he played for Philly in the 2007-2008 season. It wasn't required of Eager to get points considering he was on the 4th line, but the retarded dinosaur that is Jody Shelley currently has 2 goals and 2 assists in 40 games this season. What is required, however, of a 4th line player is good defensive play and physicality. In those 113 games with Philly, Eager was a -25 (which includes his -4 in 2 games in the 2006 playoffs).
         Now Eager may have not been offensively or defensively sound for the Flyers, but he sure was able to fight. Just kidding, he couldn't fight for dick. Also, there were 5 fights he had with the Flyers where he had a misconduct and instigator. These are the easiest kind of penalty minutes to avoid. Just don't start throwing punches at somebody who doesn't want to fight or hasn't taken there gloves off. So no points, can't keep the puck out of the net, and stays in the box/puts teammates in the box for an unnecessary amount of time (Ben Eager's stay with Philly in a nutshell).
         To be even more lenient on Ben, I'm willing to say I have nothing against shitty players as long as they don't embarrass us. Well, swing and a miss again Eager. A week before being traded Eager got his lunch served to him by Gary Roberts (who was 41 at the time). The fight looked like a white trash dad beating his son outside of their trailer. It was pathetic. The Flyers won the game 8-2, but all I remember (and I'm sure I'm not alone) is the image of Roberts putting the beat down on Eager. So Ben Eager messed up as a Flyer on all accounts; bad offense, bad defense, bad fighting, bad decisions, and memorable footage that can embarrass the Flyers years from now.
          Alright, so I'm being way to hard on Eager. I mean, he's a hard working guy who is trying his best. So I'll say I don't have a problem with players who can't play offense, defense, fight at all, create unnecessary penalties, and embarrass the team. I do, however, have a problem with players who can't do a single positive thing for the Flyers and then go accomplish great things while hurting Philadelphia at the same time. I'm of course talking about the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals; a 6 game span where Eager, get ready for this, had a goal, an assist, and had a +2 rating. So that's 19 points in 113 games for the Flyers (.168 points/game) and 2 points in 6 games against the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals (.333 points/game). To add on to that nonsense, his goal was the game winning goal in Game 2; not one of his miserable 9 goals for the Flyers was a game winning goal. I don't understand that at all. How does somebody who doesn't nut up enough to score when the game is on the line in 113 games for one club go and score the game winning goal in a one of the most pressure-stricken situations the sport has to offer? Blows my mind.
          Then, to top it all off, the Flyers don't even get the chance to avenge Eager this season. Just before Philly visited Atlanta, Eager punched Armstrong of Toronto to receive a 4 game suspension; one of the games was naturally the 1st meeting between the Flyers and Thrashers in Atlanta last Friday. Philly did get back at Byfuglien, Sopel, and Ladd with the win, but they weren't able to settle the score with numb nuts Eager. Surely it wouldn't be a problem because Philly and Hotlanta meet up 3 more times this season, but hold the phone McFly. Guess who gets traded to the Sharks, a team the Flyers already played once this year and won't see again? You guessed it, dicknose Eager.
          He's proven he can't be used in the regular season at all (look at his Flyers numbers), but you can use him at key moments in the Stanley Cup Finals (look at his number against the Flyers). He'll provide great memories for rivals, but won't give you a chance to get even with him. The amount of good he's done against Philadelphia greatly outweighs the amount of good he's done for Philadelphia. I sure as hell hate Ben Eager and I'm pretty sure Ben Eager hates the Flyers.

There he is, holding the Cup more times than Richards has. Doesn't that irritate you?


  1. This post could have been about 300 words shorter, but 300 times stronger if you had some sort of quote from Eager saying he hates us. In any case, no one cares what a terrible player thinks about his old team.

  2. I was kind of just finding irony in Eager's situation relating to the Flyers. How he didn't play great for us, hurt us in the Finals playing against us, and then somehow found a way to leave town so we couldn't get back at him (I know he didn't actually punch Armstrong with the thought it would get him traded meaning he wouldn't face the Flyers). I'm sure he hasn't come out and said he hates the Flyers, I was just being sarcastic. Thanks for commenting and reading the post.

  3. i seriously hate ben eager

  4. 2 points in 6 games works out to .333 P/G if I've got my math straight.

    But also yes. God dammit Ben Eager.

  5. Oh my God, yeah Roger you're right haha. My bad, fixing that now. I seriously hate Ben Eager too, that's why I put this post up.